a safety audit in your home

Want to do something for the Economy?

on August 29, 2012

How much does your Government spend annually on accidents in the home?

The costs to Government and taxpayer relate to  healthcare, social security payments, subsidised short & long term healthcare, loss of productivity, reduced tax to the exchequre & more.  In Britain the answer is £45 Million.  There the population is 62 Million so work it out for your Country.

You can make a difference.

We have an App which we think could reduce accidents by 1% per year worldwide if we can distribute it worldwide. We do charge 99c for it and most of the revenue will go to continuos improvement to maximise it’s effect on accident rates.

Please spread the word and do your bit for your economy.  And by the way, you would also be reducing pain & suffering and saving lives.  Friends & relations who have new babies & toddlers will especially like it.

We won’t know the accidents we will prevent or the lives we will save, but that’s ok.

Please Tweet or Email your friends & followers or recommend the App through the AppStores.

You could gift the App in the Appstores to a friend with a new baby or young toddler as a nice gesture.

Click the AppStore Badges on the right.

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