a safety audit in your home

8 things Parents should Definitely check each month

1. Test your Smoke & CO2 Alarms to ensure they are working. Press the red button. If it does not Beep, then change the batteries. Test again and if there is still no Beep, replace the unit.

2. Kids grow very fast. Check that your Child Car Seat is still appropriate for your child’s size and that it is adjusted correctly to ensure it is safe & comfortable for your child.

3. Test your Car Tyre Pressure to make sure they are correctly inflated in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. You may have to do this at the petrol station.  Keep a note of the correct pressures in your car.

4. Check to make sure that your Car Tyre Treads are the right depth and within the manufactures recommendations. Keep a note of the recommended depth in your car.

5. Check to see if your Home Heating Boiler is due a service to ensure it is in safe working order

6. Check your Home Heating Oil Supply to ensure an adequate supply and make sure your house is kept warm during cold weather.

7. Check to see when your child is due his/her next Health or Developmental Check.

8. Check that your First Aid Kits are well stocked in case of an accident. Keep a kit for the house and for the car, handbag or napsack.

Let us know if you can add to this list.

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4 Steps to Reduce Risks in your Home

Follow these proven steps to reduce risks in your home and keep your family safe:

1. IDENTIFY risks by going through your home and note any risks present. Use a checklist of common risks in typical homes. A checklist will not only show you common risks but will also give you an idea what other risks to look for in your home.

2. PRIORITISE the risks you have identified by measuring them in terms of the likelihood and severity of an accident and diary a date for an action to reduce the risk.

3. MANAGE each risk by either removing it or treating it with safety equipment or by changing your habits and/or increasing your family’s awareness of the risk.

4. REVIEW each risk at appropriate intervals and go through steps 1 to 3 again.

We will never know the accidents we prevent nor the lives we save, but that is ok.

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