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Want to do something for the Economy?

How much does your Government spend annually on accidents in the home?

The costs to Government and taxpayer relate to  healthcare, social security payments, subsidised short & long term healthcare, loss of productivity, reduced tax to the exchequre & more.  In Britain the answer is £45 Million.  There the population is 62 Million so work it out for your Country.

You can make a difference.

We have an App which we think could reduce accidents by 1% per year worldwide if we can distribute it worldwide. We do charge 99c for it and most of the revenue will go to continuos improvement to maximise it’s effect on accident rates.

Please spread the word and do your bit for your economy.  And by the way, you would also be reducing pain & suffering and saving lives.  Friends & relations who have new babies & toddlers will especially like it.

We won’t know the accidents we will prevent or the lives we will save, but that’s ok.

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You could gift the App in the Appstores to a friend with a new baby or young toddler as a nice gesture.

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The Shocking Cost of Accidents in the Home

According to a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in a 2010 report, it is estimated that each year 2.7 million people attend casualty departments after being injured in British homes costing over £45 billion to the economy.  Britain has a population of 62,262,000 so what does that mean for the worldwide population of 7 billion?

UK Population Figures 2010

RoSPA does not include the cost of accidental fatal injuries so even this figure is a conservative estimate of the true cost of home accidents.

Pain, suffering and grief apart, at a time when we are looking to save money for individuals and the economy, there is no better time to take another look at our home safety.

You don’t need to live your life in fear to make a difference.  All you need to do is take some time to think about the dangers to you and your family and make some small adjustments to make your home safer.  It is proven that being aware of dangers makes you a safer person.

Imagine if Britain could take the figures down by 1% per year? Just under half a MILLION saved in each year.  I wonder what the figure is for the rest of Europe, America or Africa.

The elements which go into calculating the estimated £45 MILLION cost are

  • Lost contribution to the economy (lost output)
  • The value of avoidance of injury (the amount the community would be prepared to pay to avoid the chance of an injury happening)
  • Cost of medical
  • Social Security
  • Other support services.

The RoSPA estimate did not include costs to the individual such as:

  • Doctor’s Fees
  • Cost of Medicine
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Loss of Business Revenue for the self-employed
  • Cost of long-term care

You can read the RoSPA report at

Please let me know if you know of any similar reports for your Country in the Comments.

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8 Inventions New Parents couldn’t Succeed without

1. Tupperware – where would we be without it to keep our crackers dry and our grapes fresh.  We can even use them for keeping lego in!

2. Raisins in small boxes – an absolute life savour for trips in the car.

3. Sterilisers – Anything to keep illness away and it’s amazing how much stuff fits in.  A shout out to whoever designed the Aventi model.

4. Earplugs – when your other half lets you have a nap on Saturday afternoon!   Ahhhh.

5. Playpen – baby is safe and happy while you do some quick housework.  Keep glancing over though to see all is well.

6. Mobile Phones – for texting friends so that you can stay connected with the outside world without leaving the house.

7. The Mother/Baby Groups – for meeting other people, in the same boat and having tea and biscuits.  (they don’t have to be fancy biscuits).  And knowing you are not the only one.

8. BabyProof App – Well it will reduce accidents, pain, suffering, anxiety and safe money on doctors’ fees and medicine – look at the add over there >>——->

Help us add to this list.  Please Comment

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The Problem with Babyproofing

All parents want to avoid accidents to their children but very few parents want to wrap their kids up in cotton wool.  It’s a conundrum. We want our children to experience their world and learn how to cope with what life has to throw at them, but we don’t want our kids to get hurt.  What to do?

There are professional babyproofers who can help, but parents don’t tend to use them. Most parents want to decide for themselves what to do.  They do a little research in magazines or on the internet or with their friends and relations.  They will surely pick up the main risks and therefore protect their kids from the worst dangers.  This is a very ad hoc way of protecting your baby.  What if you miss something?

When our boys were born, I had years of experience in risks and health & safety from my profession, but I missed a major risk in my home.  Luckily, nothing happened to my boys.  I discovered after weeks of research that there were some major risks I missed.  Risks which cause many serious accidents to children in the home.  I was shocked.  When you do some research on the internet the same few obvious risks come up again and again.  Articles tend to dwell on the idea that crawling around the floor works to get a child’s perspective.  Well my advice is less crawling and more thinking and if you want help and get a head start, please read on.

BabyProof App is a checklist and database where you can identify all of the common risks in your home and even record some unusual ones.  The App helps you plan what to do and when to do it, to reduce or eliminate the risks to your child.  If the App helps you avoid one trip to the doctors, it will pay for itself ten times over, not to mention avoiding the pain and anxiety that comes from an accident.  BabyProof empowers parents and guardians to make good decisions about risks at home.

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What does Babyproofing involve & what does it cost?

The birth of your child must be the most incredible life changing experience you will know. About 8 month previously you would have found out there is a baby on the way and since then your whole focus has been towards giving birth to a healthy baby. Now that your baby has come into the world your whole concern is to nourish your baby, keep your baby safe and teach baby to sit up, crawl, walk, talk and to learn all about their new and wonderful world.

As a new parent, your old routine is gone. Your world has completely changed, I would say for the good, but there are many challenges for you and so many new things to figure out. Just when you think you have got the hang of things, your baby will have moved on it his/her development and new challenges will come along.

Many of these challenges will relate to the physical protection of your baby. At every turn you must consider how to protect such a vulnerable little treasure. So what does Babyproofing your house involve? When should you start, how much does it cost and how far should you go?

When do you start?

During pregnancy and in the first few months of a baby’s life, parents have a huge amount to cope with and in our experience most parents do not start to think about babyproofing the house until the baby starts crawling. If you think about it, there are many risks facing the baby on the first day he/she arrives home and indeed before that during pregnancy. Examples of such risks are house fires and clutter or poor lighting which might contribute to a trip hazard to mum while carrying baby (after or during pregnancy). So if you are going to babyproof, why not begin it during the pregnancy. It may be the last time you have this much time on your hands until you get into a new routine with baby and things settle down a little.

How much does it cost?

Here are some interesting facts we have discovered from our research which might surprise you. The figures are based on a typical 3 bedroom house.

1. 26% of all the risks identified for our BabyProof App cost nothing to reduce or eliminate. These risks are remedied by changes of habits or training your baby as he/she grows.

2. 35% of all these risks will cost less than €5.

3. 39% of all these risks will cost more than €5.

4. 25% of all the risks identified for our BabyProof App will not affect your child until he/she is crawling.

5. 4% of all these risks will not affect your child until he/she is walking.

So a quarter of the risks do not cost anything to reduce/remedy and just under 30% of the risks will not cost you anything until your baby starts crawling.

Finally, when you do decide to babyproof you have two choices. You can spend many many hours researching the risks and learning as you go or you can use BabyProof App and identify all of the typical risks in a typical house early and reduce the possibility of an accident effectively from day one.  We estimate that it would take at least 30 hours of research to get near to identifying the risks in BabyProof App and then you have to decide what you can do.  BabyProof App suggests the remedies too.  Click the link on the right side of this blog under the iPhone picture to purchase BabyProof App in the AppStore.

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BabyProof – An App to Reduce Accidents in the Home

BabyProof, the new smartphone App from Safe Home 4Baby Ltd shows parents where the typical dangers are in their homes and allows them to record them along with other dangers they find.

Identify the Risks

See ways to eliminate or reduce the Risks

Diary your actions

View Reports

See when Risks will affect your child as they develop and the likely cost to reduce them

Reduce Accidents, Pain, Anxiety and the Cost of Healthcare

BabyProof will help parents strike the right balance to keep children safe without over restricting their learning.


BabyProof costs 99 US cents for a limited period

Purchase Apple and Android AppStores today.

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